Project CARE, Annual Holiday Campaign

Hands holding Cane

The Los Angeles Department of Aging is proudly celebrating 10 years, supporting older adults in need during the holiday season.  For the past 10 years, the City family has come together to remind older adults that they are not alone, generously donating gifts for the holiday season.  

This year we hope to make this event even more successful by launching our campaign via website and smart phone.  The 2016 campaign will provide gifts to older adults from the Home-Delivered Meals Program (HDMP) and to older adults from the Congregate Meals Program.  Older adults who participate are low income and need your help.  Most critically, HDMP older adults are isolated, homebound, and frail. Our goal is to remind older adults that they are valued and appreciated.  

Many of the older adults whom we serve struggle to allocate their fixed income to obtain basic necessities such as food, blankets, or socks to keep them warm. We are asking for your assistance. Your gift may be the only gift received during the holidays by our participants.  

As we celebrate our 10 years, with your support, reaching out to over 13,369 older adults, we ask you to sign up and support them.  Signing up is as easy as 1-2-3!  Go to the website or smart phone, select your donation, provide us your information, select drop off site, and Submit!  

Please help us to spread the word by telling fellow employees by posting the attached flyer throughout your work locations.

The Los Angeles Department of Aging and its partners – the Los Angeles Foundation on Aging, and the Los Angeles Police Department Detective Bureau – are looking forward to hearing from you!  

To get started, go to: